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Our Story

From the product of Ming's hardwork and vision, our company Tsui Tak Supreme Foods was born. We are a Chinese food manufacturer based in Nottinghamshire, UK. 


Made With Authenticity

Back in the late 70s, Ming moved from Hong Kong to the UK. It was here that he met Mrs Ming and started a family together. Living and raising his children in the UK, authentic Chinese food products were hard to find. Initially, Ming worked hard to learn traditional recipes so his children could experience and learn more about their cultural heritage and delicacies. Ming knew that his position was not unique and is shared by many others. After years of perfecting the taste, sourcing the right ingredients and streamlining the process, our company was born. 

Our Company

The feeling of home and warmth is important to us as a company, where we hope our products reflect these values. Tsui Tak Supreme Foods aims to provide quality and authentic products, with our first product being the Original Flavoured Chinese Sausage (Lap Cheong). Chinese sausages are one of the most commonly used ingredients in Asian cuisine, yet in the UK for years there have been limited brands and options to choose from.
We hope to continue our story by introducing more of Ming's products to the market. Our products will always use high quality ingredients and include a whole lot of tastiness!