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Chinese Lap Yuk (Cured Pork Belly) 聚德臘肉 (280g)
tsui tak lap yuk and lap cheong makes the best clay pot rice dinner. chinese mushrooms paired with chinese vegetables and rice
Chinese Lap Yuk (Cured Pork Belly) 聚德臘肉 (280g)
Chinese Lap Yuk (Cured Pork Belly) 聚德臘肉 (280g)

Tsui Tak

Chinese Lap Yuk (Cured Pork Belly) 聚德臘肉 (280g)

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Our Chinese cured pork belly – pronounced “Lap Yuk” in Cantonese are made in Britain using only the finest sourced ingredients. It is a staple in Chinese cuisine. Among those different Chinese Festival foods, preserved meat is one of the most popular choice. The most popular way to cook Chinese cured pork belly is to steam with rice.



Pork Belly, Sugar, Chinese Rose Wine (barley, wheat, pea sorghum, rose, water, sugar), Soy Sauce (water, soybean, salt, wheat flour), Salt, Spices, Preservative: Sodium Nitrite (E250).

Contains: Gluten, Wheat and Soybeans

成分 豬肉(80%),豬肉脂肪,糖,中國玫瑰酒(大麥,小麥,豌豆,高粱,玫瑰,水,糖),醬油(水,大豆,鹽,小麥粉),鹽,香料,亞硝酸鈉 (E250)。包裝在膠原蛋白外殼中。包含:麵筋,小麥和大豆。




Caution: This product must be cooked before consumption.

Lap Yuk, pork belly, may be cooked and eaten on their own, but can be cooked alongside rice by adding it on top of the steaming rice, either using a metal dish stand, or directly onto the partially cooked rice.

Rinse pork belly using lukewarm water before use. Steam for 15-20 minutes accordingly until the fat are translucent. The cooked pork belly can be sliced before serving. You can also cook the pork belly in simmering water for about 12 minutes until it rises to the top.



Unopened package, store in a cool, dry place. Once opened- store in airtight container to keep product from drying out and keep refrigerated and consume within 1 month. Suitable for freezer storage. For optimal taste and texture, frozen portions should be used within 6 months.